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When You Get Older


When you get older, you notice your sheets are dirty. Sometimes, you do something about it. And sometimes, you read the front page of the newspaper and sometimes you floss and sometimes you stop biting your nails and sometimes you meet a friend for lunch. You still crave lemonade, but the taste…


Stars in a Top Gear’s reasonably priced car.

Smith’s attitude to Gambon is glorious

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I can’t get over the fact that Prince Harry calls the Queen Granny. IT IS SO WEIRD THAT SHE IS THE QUEEN AND ALSO HIS GRANNY. 

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A ➟ Z of Rupert Grint; Quirky

“We’ve got a lot of animals at the moment. We just got some miniature donkeys, and miniature pigs as well. I got kind of like a miniature farm. Miniature hedgehogs as well. You can put them in the palm of your hand. We’ve got two peacocks as well. “ Rupert Grint 

“So, do you have any real life special powers? I can unicycle” Rupert Grint

“Ever been at a party where an animal was roaming around?” “I have quite a few animals at home, like donkeys and pigs, so they would have been roaming about during our party.” Rupert Grint

“Compared to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, Rupert seems to be more quiet and quirky when interviewed. “Just like Ron” says Emma about this red-head guy who has a big family in real-life.” Journalist | Cinemags